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Florida Grown

At Fort McCoy Beef we work with partner families from across the state of Florida who produce cattle.

Our animals are born and raised their entire lives on Floridian regenerative pastures, where they are free to roam and graze without ever leaving the state of Florida. Our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices means that our products support the natural Floridian ecosystems and conserves these greenspaces from being turned into shopping centers and housing developments.

We regularly cross paths with the many wild creatures of Florida that contribute to the pasture ecology from rainbow scarab dung beetles and infamous gators to the Florida panther and Bald eagles. Our contribution of space for these animals helps ensure their survival.

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Pasture Raised

At Fort McCoy, we’re committed to providing you with beef that is not only delicious but also ethically raised. That's why we dedicate the space needed to raise our animals only on open pastures – they spend their lives with continuous access to regenerative pastures. This is truly free-range. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures that our animals are raised in a way that supports the environment and promotes their well-being.
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Free Choice, Natural Grasses and Grains

In our experience working with farmers and ranchers at Fort McCoy Beef, every one of them, including us, has found the right system to produce what works on their ranch. Some farmers choose to raise their cattle using Free Choice, Natural Grasses and Grains. Finishing this way ensures higher marbling, gourmet chef desired tenderness, and year-round consistency that grasses alone can't provide.

We believe that the reason is our deep care for every step of our processes. From sustainable grasses and farm management to animal welfare and a free choice, pastured-centered, stress-free environment, we have a unique approach that ensures the absolute best every step of the way.

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No Hormones

We never administer hormones or steroids to our animals. This guarantees the highest quality meat that is both ethically raised and free from harmful additives.
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Never Ever Antibiotics

We understand that consumers are now more concerned than ever about the use of antibiotics and harmful additives the production of their food.

We believe that the judicious use of antibiotics is important for both animal welfare and public health. We prioritize raising our animals in a no-pain, no-stress environment, using animal husbandry practices that promote health and hardiness. We only work with farmers that ensure that only animals that require antibiotic treatment for their survival receive it, and also that those animals are guaranteed separated from our programs. This way we ensure that the meats we provide come from animals that are 100% Never Ever given antibiotics.

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